About Dr. Niemoeller
Located in Newark, Delaware. Our Practice is a family friendly dental office
Dr. Stephen Niemoeller
Dr. Stephen Niemoeller


Dr. Stephen Niemoeller We enjoy as much treating an apprehensive child for their first cavity as we do completely redoing an adults mouth. Dr. Niemoeller performs many dental procedures such as root canals, minor extractions and gum procedures, minor orthodontics, teeth whitening as well as comprehensive dentistry. If a tooth can be saved, it will be saved. Doctor Niemoeller believes that there are many ways to resolve complex restorative problems. Patients are given many options when applicable to solve a complex problem. Each patient can then determine what option is best for them. Any procedure that a patient may chose to have done is discussed in detail with Dr.Niemoeller. All and any questions are answered at length. Because of the complexity of some cases, a brief overview is given to help explain and clarify to patients how various treatments can solve a patients problem.


Dr.Niemoeller is originally from St.Louis, Missouri. He received his Undergraduate degree from Washington University in St.Louis in 1985 and his Graduate degree from University of Pennsylvania Dental School in 1989. He was invited to practice dentistry in Delaware with Dr. Joe Dietz. Dr. Dietz was a professor of crown and bridge at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1994 Doctor Niemoeller acquired the dental practice of Dr.David George. Dr.Niemoeller has two beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife. He is an avid sports fan including all Philadelphia sports teams and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Doctor enjoys playing basketball and golf when he is not practicing dentistry or spending time with his family.