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Temporary Crowns

About Temporary Crowns     Temporary crowns are fabricated to allow a patient to eat and chew comfortably while the permanent crowns are made by the dental lab. They also provide an aesthetic replacement during this period of time.
      All temporary crowns are custom made to a patient’s occlusion. Each and every temporary crown is sculpted out of acrylic. They are cemented with temporary cement and removed when trying on the permanent crowns.
These are actual patients of Dr. Niemoeller.
Case 1

Case 1

Temporary crowns and bridges are placed while permanent crowns and bridges are being made. This is a lower temporary bridge.
Case 2

Case 2

A single temporary crown is used to restore a severely broken down upper tooth.
Case 3

Case 3

An upper front temporary bridge placed while the dental lab fabricates the permanent bridge.

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