Composite Resin Restorations

About Composite Resin Restorations     These cases we’ve resolved using composite resin, a restorative material that blends in with the tooth structure. These procedures are usually done in less than an hour and can be quite dramatic. Composite resin also goes by the name of “bonding.” It can be used throughout the mouth, but in certain situations, there are better materials.
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Crown and Bridge

About Crown and Bridge Procedures     Crowns are done to protect the teeth that are severely broken down, that have large restorations, that have had root canals, and teeth that have cracks in them. Different materials are used for crowns. Porcelain and ceramic crowns are esthetically gorgeous whereas gold crowns are used for strength. The type of crown used depends on the circumstance and patient preference. Bridges are basically crowns connected together. They are used to replace missing teeth and can be done in a relatively short period of time. This was the treatment of choice prior to the advancement of implants. Bridges can fill this void.
These are actual patients of  Dr. Niemoeller

Crown and Bridge / Partial Denture Combinations

About Crown and Bridge / Partial Denture Combinations     Combination cases involve the use of crown and bridge and removable partial dentures. The removable partial denture engages into the fixed bridge. This provides a very stable, retentive removable partial denture. There are no visible clasps present, which allows a beautiful result.
These are actual patients of Dr. Niemoeller.

Crown-Sleeve Coping Prosthesis

About Crown-Sleeve Coping Prosthesis     This procedure is done to replace many missing teeth. It is a removable appliance that is used a lot with periodontal patients (patients that have moderate to severe bone loss). The fantastic upside to the CSC case is that a patient does not need to go to a full denture and they can use the remaining teeth for tremendous stability and retention. The CSC case also is a great alternative to a partial denture, implants, and a full denture. The design of the CSC case is much more kind to the remaining teeth. There are no clasps to torque and stress the teeth.
      The CSC case presents a much more aesthetic result than a removable partial denture that shows clasps. Again, lack of horizontal torque on the remaining teeth is a huge advantage to the prognosis of the remaining teeth. There is a frictional grip between the prosthesis and gold copings that create a very tight, comfortable fit. There is no lateral or vertical movement with these cases, unlike partial dentures or full dentures.
These are actual patients of Dr. Niemoeller.

Extreme Reconstructions

About Extreme Reconstructions     These cases require the most amount of time. Usually they involve severely worn down, damaged teeth. Most of the time patients are missing many teeth. Many patients that require a complete reconstruction of their upper or lower (or both) teeth show very little tooth when they smile and have a “sunken face” look because of a lack of posterior support. These cases can be all fixed, which means there are no removable appliances. Fixed cases can involve crowns, bridges, implants or all of these together. They can be a combination of fixed and removable, or all removable. In any event, the cases are complex and are quite dramatic when complete.
These are actual patients of Dr. Niemoeller.

Dental Implants

About Dental Implants     Implants are used to replace missing teeth. Bone quality (depth and width) are important for successful placement of an implant. Dr. Niemoeller uses many talented surgeons for this procedure. All restorative work (design and placement of teeth) done on the implants is accomplished by Dr. Niemoeller. Dr. Niemeoller uses implants in a variety of applications. He uses them to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, secure a denture, or help anchor a crown-sleeve coping case.
      In most cases, a crown is cemented on a custom abutment. The custom abutments are the gold anchors tightened into the implant. Once the implant has integrated into the bone, impressions are taken for the fabrication of an abutment and crown. This usually takes 3-4 weeks. The integration of the implant into the bone typically takes 2-3 months.
These are actual patients of Dr. Niemoeller.

Temporary Crowns

About Temporary Crowns     Temporary crowns are fabricated to allow a patient to eat and chew comfortably while the permanent crowns are made by the dental lab. They also provide an aesthetic replacement during this period of time.
      All temporary crowns are custom made to a patient’s occlusion. Each and every temporary crown is sculpted out of acrylic. They are cemented with temporary cement and removed when trying on the permanent crowns.
These are actual patients of Dr. Niemoeller.


About Veneers     Veneers are used to create a beautiful smile. Most veneers are placed on upper front teeth and are used to esthetically improve discolored, fractured, decayed and malpositioned teeth. The teeth are minimally prepared and the veneers are adhered to the teeth with very strong cement. The result can be dramatic and patients are thrilled with having a beautiful smile in a short period of time.
These are actual patients of Dr. Niemoeller.

Teeth Whitening

About Teeth WhiteningThere are 3 basic ways of whitening teeth. First over-the-counter products are the least effective and most time consuming. Second custom bleaching trays can be made for upper and lower teeth. A bleaching gel is used in the trays to whiten the teeth and is worn for 30-45 minutes for each session.
      Third, zoom bleaching gel is applied to the teeth. This is personally done by Dr. Niemoeller. Zoom bleach is a highly concentrated gel that is applied to the teeth. The teeth are isolated and the gel is applied for 20 minute cycles. This product works well and patients leave with white teeth.
These are actual patients of Dr. Niemoeller.

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