Nothing has kept my hair healthy, lustrous, and growing quite like aloe-based […]. […] go of coconut oil, while others have found that there’s nothing like shea butter, but for me? With a hot oil treatment, you would add the oil to your hair, cover with a plastic cap and use a heat source to heat your oil up for about 15-20 minutes. Hi Sarah, you can keep the skin of the aloe leaf on while making the oil. Rinse Aloe Vera Leaves The next step is to rinse the aloe vera one after the other and then allow it to sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do Posts Featuring Black Women With Long Natural Hair Make You Jealous? Stimulate hair growth Due to the anti-inflammatory nature of this oil, it can cut down on oxidative stress in the skin and prevent signs of aging.Further applying the oil to the hair and scalp strengthens hair health. This part is important because it allows the yellow liquid latex to drain out. ... 5 DIY Aloe Vera Hair Masks For Natural Hair. You can use your oil as a direct to scalp massage oil and massage it into your scalp holding your head upside down on occasion to get the blood flowing. Filet that aloe vera leaf! You can apply sabila directly on your hair or prepare a homemade shampoo by mixing coconut milk, wheat germ oil and aloe vera gel; This type of shampoo guarantees an appropriate environment to invigorate or promote hair growth. I apply it on my natural hair and proceed to massage my scalp. Read her inspiring healthy natural hair comeback story, From Severely Damaged Hair To Healthy Natural Hair. Feel free to send Chinwe Juliet a message here. moisturizing (conditions dry hair and scalp!) The Wild Growth Hair Oil is THE texturizer for de-tangled, de-kinked, de-frizzed, flowing, bouncing, silky and swaying natural hair. In this post I wanted to share a recipe I found for making your own Aloe Vera Oil that you can use as a hair growth aid or as a superb hot oil treatment every once in awhile. To obtain this infusion, y ou could use any carrier oil which is good for hair such as olive oil, jojoba oil, castor or coconut oil. When it has all blended together, massage thoroughly over the scalp and leave on for 2 to 3 hours before washing off with warm water. 3. Or are we only using the gel? Can I use coconut oil to substitute for the olive oil? Apply the oil to your scalp and massage well also apply it from root to tip as a great pre-shampoo treatment. Entirely up to you! Key Benefits: Features Aloe Vera and Agave Nectar to reduce the loss of moisture to depleted hair strands; Infused with a Super Hydration Blend for additional moisture and silk for added softness More videos on creative ways you can use aloe vera for your natural hair, skin and more are coming soon so please Subscribe and Share this video with your friends, family and on your social media handles. Read her inspiring healthy natural hair comeback story, From Severely Damaged Hair To Healthy Natural Hair and feel free to send Chinwe Juliet a message here. For strategic partnerships, advertising, and sponsored content ✉️ Aloe Vera Oil For Skin Hair And Health 4oz Amber Glass Bottle with Glass Dropper; In aromatherapy, aloe Vera oil is often used mixed with other carrier and essential oils to make the best of its healing and rejuvenating properties. The answer is no. Thank you all so much for watching. Aloe vera gel egg and castor oil hair mask for hair growth. Try This DIY Aloe Vera Leave In To Grow Long, Healthy Hair - Emily CottonTop, Ari Lennox’s Easy Breezy Puff Style Is All Of Us. The CHI Aloe Vera Oil seals in superior moisture and smoothness to control frizz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps to retain moisture in hair.