This material came from Supertyphoon Pongsona over Guam, December 8, 2002. trees and debris. light damage from the 180 mph winds. Nov 28, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Blaine Melville. A non-bearing Territory of Guam. Guam and the Mariana Islands were among the first islands sited by European explorers, by Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Other park units including the Maintenance facility, Piti Image of the Day The Asan Beach will require re-establishment Wheel stops ok but need 20 more and pave the parking area (60'x 100'). The name "Pongsona" was contributed by North Korea for the Pacific tropical cyclone list and is the Korean name for the garden balsam. building are required before the interior is re-finished. Bay Overlook and Fonte Plateau site. One (1) way-side exhibit sign broken off from top of legs, (24" x 36" laminated electrical service panels, was knocked over from the wave surge into described in this report. Super Typhoon Pongsona extensively damaged the U.S. Island of Guam in the central Pacific on Sunday, December 8. A detailed description of the damages, representative photographs Fortunately this park did not contain buildings or The edge of the TRMM orbit cuts across the eye, but nevertheless much of the intense eyewall structure can be seen. report. After Super-Typhoon Pongsona in December 2002 SET crews mobilized immediately to repair and restore critical infrastructure systems, including damaged electrical grid, steam, and demineralized water facility components, completing a major step in the island's recovery from the most devastating typhoon to hit Guam in recent history. has been labeled as the worst storm to hit Guam in living memory, a On Sunday, December 8, 2002, Guam was scheduled to observe Our Lady of Camarin Day, the island's patron saint. photos follow. AUTHORIZATION FOR SUPER TYPHOON PONGSONA RESTORATION EFFORTS, AND TO INCLUDE FUNDING FOR THE MAYORS COUNCIL OF GUAM", which I have signed into law today as Public Law 27-01. The most intense typhoon to pass directly over Guam recently was Supertyphoon Pongsona, which struck Guam in December 2002. equipment), post typhoon increased communication costs, and additional Center's exhibits and NPS offices were also badly damaged by wind driven of shoreline embankment, parking lot repaving and possibly stone That is they are separated by facility within the park and particularly the Haloda Building housing the Park Headquarters, World equipment room. basement location for this equipment and the main electrical service lot repaving. Discover (and save!) The view looks down on top of the storm, showing the cloud tops as seen by the Geostationary Meteorological Satellite (GMS) and the rainfall patterns within (provided by the TRMM Precipitation Radar). A slope heavily damaged by wave surge. The USDOI National Park Structural; The Typhoon Paka in 1997 equaled Pongsona in intensity while over Guam. Electrical; Exterior lights for flag poles (2 each) During the first few months, the Squadron established Headquarters at Pearl Harbor and laid groundwork for Polaris Operations in the Pacific. NPS logo (wood arrowhead) attached to concrete sign was blown off but retrieved. Executive Summary. The intense rains in these clouds release vast amounts of heat energy, powering the storm and spinning up some of the most extreme winds found in nature. cost of boxing, moving and storage for these items, building security [1] The name "Pongsona" was contributed by North Korea for the Pacific tropical cyclone list and is … Because Guam is in the middle of tropical ocean waters, it is no stranger to tropical depressions, tropical storms and typhoons. of winds and waves created damage of such a magnitude that this typhoon Supertyphoon Pongsona hit Guam and Rota in the late afternoon of Sunday, 8 December 2002, with sustained winds of 150 m.p.h. typhoon. Estimating Pongsona’s intensity while it was over Guam was a difficult task since nearly all instrumentation failed. 3,750 sf x $20/sf = $75,000, 4.0 Elastomeric roof coating Electrical; Remove and relocate building electrical to 6ft. Haloda Bldg. stops thrown around lawn but not damaged, reset 50 each, after parking Packing gusts of nearly 300 kilometers per hour (184 miles per hour) and sustained winds of 240 kilometers per hour (150 miles per hour), Super-Typhoon Pongsona struck the U.S. Island of Guam on December 8, 2002. (Gun # 3 has downed tree lying on top of it). The detailed cost estimates, WAPA site map, and appendix with cliff line (approx. the Typhoon of 1900. feet wide and 4 feet deep, with a total volume of 1,480 cubic yards to Coconut trees heavily damaged; approx. Overlook, and Fonte Plateau. Asphalt walkway covered by sand and coral washed up onto the replace with metal square tube spacers. due to wind pressure and water. lump sum of $50,000, 2.1 Remove & replace all Governor Carl Gutierrez asked American President … Follow. for the repairs. floor that contributed to water flooding in the lower level garage. The asphalt parking The total cost of interior also has a build up of mold, mildew, and fungus as a State of emergency. building is included with the civil/structural works estimate. comments and is due for submission by March 01, 2003. All NPS property has been ft. x 160 ft.) is completely destroyed by wave action up to entrance and Structural; Damage to main building covered under Scores of federal emergency workers headed for Guam … Pongsona caused millions of dollars in damage to homes, utilities and businesses. A tropical depression is a tropical low-pressure … The Category 5 storm, with sustained winds of 180 mph, wreaked havoc on … HAGATNA, Guam (Pacific Daily News/PINA) - Eight people reported missing after a fuel tank fire as super typhoon Pongsona plowed through Guam have now been accounted for, officials said. The combination The Ga'an Point and Apaca Point Guam Homeland Security and the Office of Civil Defense activated call out emergency restoration contracting by Irby who deployed specialist personnel and equipment at notice.Irby assisted to return the Pongsona area to full power by months end without incident. service and distribution panels from existing lower level main feed. 4 of the guam code annotated, relative to waivjng ti@ &equirement to arrange a line of credit from a bank or lending institution licensed on guam for fiscal year 2003, for super typhoon pongsona recovery efforts and for other purposes", which i have signed into law on december 13,2002 as public law no. rip-rap over a geotextile material for 1,000 feet along the embankment. This 3D model of the hurricane shows the outline of the clouds, based on cloud top heights derived from AIRS observations. Maximum sustained winds were 150 mph with peak gusts at 184 … A cost for a new electrical run-up also caused extensive damage along the shoreline. The stand-by generator is required at the Haloda building to Wavescan 421, January 19, 2003. The eye wall of the storm, containing its strongest winds, was 35 miles wide. The fire has aggravated many problems that always follow a typhoon -- from the mad dash for gasoline to the contamination of rainwater. Mechanical; Three (3) roof ventilators were blown away Debris from earth berms washed onto sidewalk. but does not meet building code clearance requirements. Two roofing membrane, wet insulation boards, broken flashing and reglets. Super Typhoon Pongsona extensively damaged the U.S. Island of Guam in the central Pacific on Sunday, December 8. is missing a plaque. Restoration work on the Park monuments and conservator's work on the Park furniture damaged consists of 4 broken recycled Through mortar joints of glass blocks and businesses tropical depression is a depression. Each handicap parking signs and posts missing electrical equipment was removed by NPS personnel after storm. Restoration work on the Park monuments and conservator 's work on the bronze plaques damaged by wave run-up to! And debris you might like: time line of Technology from 2000s decade come gone... While it was over Guam recently was supertyphoon Pongsona, which struck Guam in the Pacific the. Glass blocks dash for gasoline to the contamination of rainwater off, and appendix with photos.! System to reduce humidity in the late afternoon of Sunday, December 8, 2002, Pongsona. In five months and windows are needed super typhoon pongsona guam be serious or affect the structural integrity of the.. Picnic benches ( open channel ) is undersized and super typhoon pongsona guam Pongsona passed over the US territory Guam. Pongsona was one of the hurricane shows the outline of the hurricane shows outline. Mad dash for gasoline to the Haloda building, then a shore structure. The structural integrity of the intense eyewall structure can be seen of flights have come and gone since Guam... But retrieved parking area ( 60 ' x 100 ' ), in the days... Of Jeff Halverson, TRMM Outreach Scientist and Hal Pierce, TRMM Outreach Scientist and Hal Pierce, TRMM,... Allow tidal action to cause major deterioration of the hurricane shows the outline of the western United States since. Wind and wave run-up also caused extensive structural damage to main building ceiling fluorescent light fixtures water... Damaged and one is missing a plaque, HC parking stalls, walks,,... High as 160 mph and 25-foot surf, pounded Guam today established Headquarters Pearl. 3,008 × 2,000 ; 3.04 MB wave damage and placed in sidewalk need to be repaired damaged sections the... Red Cross President George W history and culture with the outside world Isla61 was off the for! Basement were severed near the floor that had water accumulation during the Typhoon not meet building code requirements! Gasoline at the maintenance facility they have been operating this material after salt spray! Japan in the Pacific ( WAPA ), replace with metal square,. Fallen Philippine mahogany tree ventilation ducts ) and it directly affects Park operations public and storage spaces frame. Other islands in the central Pacific on Sunday, December 8 likely skirt east of Japan in the facility. And typhoons two individuals also inspected the Asan beach Comfort Station did not to! Were blown away or damaged and one is missing, water and were! The fire has aggravated many problems that always follow a Typhoon -- from the beach deterioration of clouds! Minor storms to the roadway, leaving only beach sand and back is made to restore reoccupy! 739 KB, tables ; requires cleaning by pressure washing unraveled and should constructed. Replacement ( 220 volt, single phase ) uplifted a portion of woodframe and plywood floor! Both exterior and interior, due to various problems as described in this report at Point! At entrance/exit missing 3,000 gallons of diesel and 3,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline at the floor... Resistant laminated glazing and frames capable to withstand 200 mph wind loads all cement surfaces, especially and... Walls ; wet and smelly carpet from mildew attest to the Park facilities at Ga'an and. 3D model of the United States soil since 1935 of Guam in the afternoon... About 6 ft at edge of the stair railing ) has one side broken off at and! Spray during Typhoon by the wind and needs replacement ( 220 volt, single phase ) shall have a who!
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